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Gas Springs

What started in the past inside a small workshop has now developed to become a company that operates in the main markets. With a team that accumulates over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of gas springs, TECAPRES® is now the ideal partner in the industrial and commercial fields.This experience has allowed us to become one of the main companies within our sector, with a guarantee of quality is our main advantage against our competitors.The TECAPRES® brand represents the highest standards in terms of quality, reliability and service. The presence of TECAPRES® in the market, with an ample distribution network working in close and direct collaboration with the company, guarantees optimum results for our customers.
This presence of TECAPRES® implies an integral service and an exceptional capacity for supply. Our logistics centre situated in our main factory, together with our international storage and representatives in each area guarantee a quick and absolutely reliable distribution of our gas springs.TECAPRES® know-how is always available for the final user. This is thanks to our commercial representatives, TECAPRES® technicians, specialised distributors and our complete range of gas springs, all of which are supported with qualified and personalised advice with the objective of solving each customer’s concrete problems and increasing their degree of satisfaction.Everything we do has a single objective: To guarantee that selecting TECAPRES® gas springs is the right choice and the best value for your company.

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