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Direct Drive Tapping Units

With the new Direct Drive tapping unit DTAP, the companies Bordignon Trading srl and Bordignon Simone srl, reap the benefits of all the know-how gained in its ten-year production of electronic threading units, presenting on the market one

of the most technologically advanced devices.

Beginning with the machine itself. Bordignon threading unit DTAP is in fact, a system which consists of two elements:


The Direct Drive motor allows direct transmission to the spindle eliminating intermediate components, such as gears and pulleys, which dissipate energy, create problems of space and require maintenance. No lead screw means great flexibility and simplicity in changing the thread pitch.

Thanks to the direct transmission, the Direct Drive system provides greater force and exceptional reverse rotation, at the same time saving space and time and reducing maintenance costs.

Unlike mechanical rack and pinion or lead screw systems, DTAP is operated simply with an electric impulse (START). The machine then works independently from the die stroke and with any angle, by performing the thread in a fast and precise way not only in the dies, but also in other automation systems. A performance which is supported by a good resistance to liquids and other substances present in the moulding process.


It is a compact touch-screen of the latest generation that is used to operate the threading machine and ensures easy control at every stage of processing. It is provided with many features which make it an intelligent and intuitive tool. The operator himself, assisted by the indications on the panel, can easily enter all the configuration and control parameters necessary to obtain a perfect thread The panel allows the following functions:

• Setting thread height.

• Setting thread speed (revolutions per minute), which remains constant during the execution of the thread. The return phase is faster than the threading one, optimizing the time of production.

• Automatic and rapid approach of the tap to the hole.

• Indicator of process completed.

• Checking the wear of the tap.

• Checking the minimum and maximum torque.

• Changing the thread.

• Setting for left hand threading.

• Storage and backup of threading settings.

• Adjusting minimal lubrication.

Furthermore, the display indicates possible abnormalities such as:

• Hole not found.

• Maximum torque stress.

• Minimal torque stress.

• Threading process timeout.

• Breaking of the tap.

• Low oil level.

DTAP is available in three models, differentiated by size and force. Each one of them has been designed to operate with maximum performance a certain range of threads. The operator can easily change thread dimensions by changing the tap holder in the machine and by setting the new parameters in the panel. The absence of a mechanical guided device allows the operator to do this in a few minutes. Furthermore, once a particular thread has been processed, it is possible to memorize the data and parameters in the panel, so that the same operation can be repeated in the future.

The threading unit DTAP can be enhanced by an optional system for metering the minimum amount of lubricant to the thread. In fact, through the panel, you can set the lubricating time avoiding any waste of oil. In addition, by means of two independent screw adjustment devices, you can choose between a lubrication with a mixture of air and oil and one with only oil (less harmful to the environment because it avoids spraying).

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