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RUD I-Sock


Don’t Be a Statistic, Be safe & Secure on Your Feet with The RUD I-Sock

The RUD I-Sock is a revolutionary safety product that offers exceptional footing and traction on slippery and icy surfaces. It is extremely lightweight, easy to fit, and can be worn whilst driving.

The RUD I-Sock is suitable for a wide range of customers, such as the Emergency Services who need to be secure on their feet on ice and snow, postal and delivery services to general use.

The RUD I – Sock is made from a unique combination of textile and metal that offers excellent grip and traction on compact snow, slippery and icy surfaces. Due to the I-Socks large surface area on the boot it ensures that your foot gets more traction resulting in a higher level of footing for the user on snow and icy surfaces.

The I-Sock comes in UK Small 4.5 – 7.5 & Large 8-12.